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Bounty Killer suggests money may have played a role in Hanna’s defeat

What role if any did money play in the recently concluded People’s National Party (PNP) internal election?

Nobody quite knows, but dancehall veteran, Bounty Killer, seems to think money may have led to Lisa Hanna’s defeat.

The South East St Ann Member of Parliament was defeated when she went up against Mark Golding for the post of party president in Saturday’s election.

The entertainer, who congratulated Hanna despite her unsuccessful bid suggested that the election might have been ‘bought out’.

Bounty Killer also used the occasion to take a jab at former  MP and long-time friend of Golding,  Peter Bunting.

Making reference to his popular election dub, Bounty Killer, noted that Bunting’s defeat in the September 3 election was likely due to his “stunting” suggesting that such ‘ stunting’ may have helped sway the election in favour of one candidate over the other.

“Congratulations same way mi friend @lisahannamp great run a you the ppl dem say him cyaah beat bro so I hope him and buntin who lost bcuz too much stunting can buy out the Jamaican like dem buy out the PNP party,” said Bounty Killer, who shared a photo of the election results in an Instagram post. 

However, most of Killer’s fans didn’t seem to agree with his analysis on Hanna’s defeat.

“I do not speak on behalf of any party and I believe that Lisa is strong in her own right. But do remember that she won her seat only by 31 votes. While Mark won his by approx. 6500 votes,” said one IG user.

“Lisa I very nice girl i like her but the truth about the thing is she is nat working only when it come close to election she starts to do a few little things. she is using social media to fool people. yes she young and beautiful but that alone can’t wins and election,” added another IG user.

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