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Buju Banton’s daughters distance themselves from dad’s comments, encouraging mask wearing

At least two of Buju Banton’s daughters have distanced themselves from their father’s comments in which the legendary dancehall artiste criticized the mask-wearing protocol recommended by the government as a way of fighting the spread of COVID-19.

Banton trashed the mask-wearing recommendation as nonsense, suggesting that masks were in effective at protecting against the COVID-19 virus.

However Banton’s daughter, Jodian Myrie, came out in strong opposition to her father’s comments when she shared her own message encouraging mask wearing on her Twitter page.

Myrie, who ran an unsuccessful bid in the September 3 General Election on a Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) ticket told her Twitter following that mask wearing and social distancing were two ways Jamaicans could play their part in helping to flatten the curb.

Similarly, Jodie’s sister, Abihail Myrie, supported her sister’s message, putting out a message of her own.

“So anyway y’all wear your masks,” tweeted Abihail Myrie.

The sisters Twitter messages came just hours after their father’s curse word-loaded clip, in which he notes that he will not be wearing a face mask, began making the rounds on social media.

In the 50-second long video posted to Instagram on Wednesday (October 21) Banton said that he wanted this mask-wearing thing to be done in Jamaica calling it “bullshit”.

“Who fi dead ago dead and nah go dead afi just live, we tired of you intellectual fools trying to tells how to live our lives, if you are so smart why haven’t you found the cure for cancer? You are all touting a lie  and putting the Jamaican people in abject fear and driving us all to poverty,” said Banton as he looked directly into the camera, wearing a white head tam

“Jamaican people need to wake up. Mi nah wear no mask cause mask nuh mek fi man,” added Banton.

Banton is not the only public figure to rubbish the importance of mask wearing, with United States, President Donald Trump also refusing to wear a mask in public and even having mocked others who engaged in the practice.

The Jamaican government has recommended that citizens where masks as a preventative measure. 

The wearing of masks has been a controversial topic since the beginning of the pandemic with even the World Health Organization originally sending conflicting messages about the practice.

WHO on March 31 recommended that people not wear face masks unless they are sick with Covid-19 or caring for someone who is sick.

Later near the end of April 2020, the international organization changed its stance, recommending that masks be worn in public settings.

Strong language warning, video contains curse-words and is not suitable for children.

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