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Curvy Diva returns after 4-month Instagram hiatus with nude pic

It has been a minute since we have seen Yanique Barrett’s curves on the gram.

She’s Back!

Curvy Diva made her return to the popular social media platform Instagram (IG) on Monday (June 22) in fine style as she bared it all for her fans to see with a black and white nude pic.

While none of her private parts were exposed, the black and white photo showed off her incredible hot bod -curves and all. 

Where was Curvy Diva?

In the caption under her post, Curvy Diva revealed that she lost her IG for almost four months – it is unclear if the platform had barred her or how she came to lose her account but she said it gave her an opportunity to regroup.

“At first, losing my IG for almost 4 months made me so angry. But after a while I’ve come to realized it was all for the best, ” said Barrett on IG. 

“Taking time from the spotlight and chilling in the shade allowed me to regroup and redirect my life. I’ve had several projects and goals for years that I was too busy to start but this break gave me that chance,” added Barrett.

She also used the opportunity to thank her  1.3 Million for “stay loyal” noting that she would be going live in the coming days.

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