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Spice accepts Lisa Hyper’s apology ending over decade long rift

Dancehall artiste, Spice, on Thursday (July 2) accepted fellow artiste, Lisa Hyper’s apology.

Hyper issued an apology to Spice on Instagram (IG) for what the artiste, who is about to drop her Phoenix album, described as a “past disrespect”.

While it is unclear what sparked the initial rift between the two artistes, Spice in 2009 dropped a track entitled “Draw Me Out” which famously dissed Hyper, nicknaming her “Lisa Swiper”.

Hyper, then named Lisa Hype, also dropped her own diss track “The Truth” in which she took aim at Spice.

The two, however, are putting the over decade long feud behind them, as Spice has not only accepted Hyper’s apology but has issued one of her own and has unblocked the artiste on Instagram.

Spice admitted that Lisa Hyper was not the only one guilty of disrespect, noting that she was an equal part in the antics, and has also apologized for dissing Hyper.

“Apology accepted. And I’d like to apologize to you too because at the end of the day the disrespect wasn’t one-sided. I too retaliated towards you in my diss song in a very derogatory manner,” said Spice.

“I can tag you now because I just unblocked you after 10 years. WOW (den a so mi keep malice long).Big up yuh self, a public apology takes humility so I respect your bold move,” added Spice.

Spice in reflecting on the feud noted that had the two continued to build on their friendship, and worked together, they would have been a force to reckon with.

Spice also used the occasion to wish Hyper success with her career, noting that she was an ” extremely talented” artiste.

“I have no contempt towards you in fact I believe you are extremely talented and I wish you great success in this male-dominated business,” said Spice.

“We both share something in common,” added Spice who included the hashtag Gaza for life.

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