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Teejay talks seriousness of COVID-19, new single and upcoming EP

Dancehall artiste Teejay has called on all Jamaicans to take COVI9 seriously amid a spike in coronavirus cases locally.

The artiste made the call as he shared details about his latest single and upcoming EP.

“We have to stay safe. Remember to wash your hands, practice social distancing and wear your masks. Stay focused and keep safe,” Teejay said.

Despite the pandemic, Teejay is keeping busy sharing that he had teamed up with producer Jerome Elvie of Natural Bond Entertainment for his latest single “Who You”.

The artiste said the pandemic has given him an opportunity to show off a different persona noting that “Who You” which is on the Gold Leaf riddim showcases a hardcore persona.

“Music has its time, so we have to do a lot of different songs and be versatile. Who You right now is the perfect song. It’s about the topic and connecting to the people. It’s dancehall so more while we haffi go hardcore wid di ting more,” Teejay said

Teejay shared that working with producer Elvie was a productive experience from which he believes will sprout a tune that has longevity.

“Elvie a good youth and a real youth. So from him send me the rhythm, we haffi just voice. Its music and it has no boundaries. Him a invest back inna the music, and him naw do this for hype, him a do this for longevity,” said Teejay.

“The rhythm have nuff vibes. From me hear it, the song just come outta me head,” he added.

Teejay also shared that a healthy lifestyle was very important particularly in these times noting that he had recently lost weight in line with his new perspective.

“We change up the song dem, so we haffi change up the image. You have to change the ball game and take the game to a different level,” he explained.

The single is a part of larger body of work which the Montego Bay native intends to release before the end of the year.

“Its gonna be lit”, said Teejay as he described the project.

The self-styled Up Top Boss who emerged on the music scene less than five years ago has been making a strong impact with his hard-hitting including songs such as “Up Top Bos”s and “Owna Lane” among others.

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