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13 Independent candidates to contest September 3 general election

According to the Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ) thirteen independent candidates were nominated on Tuesday (August 18) and are set to contest the September 3 general election.

This means that outside of the two major political parties, the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and the People’s National Party (PNP), Jamaicans will in eleven of the sixty-three constituencies have a candidate that is not aligned to a party.

Independent candidates are listed on the ballot in the following constituencies:

1 – St Ann North Western

1 – Trelawny Northern

1 – Trelawny Southern

1 – St James Central

2 – Westmoreland Central

1 – Westmoreland Eastern

1 – Manchester Central

1 – Clarendon North Western

1 – St. Catherine North Western

1 – St. Catherine South Western

2 – St. Catherine North Central

The ECJ further said that both PNP and the JLP have each entered a full slate of candidates to contest the elections with a collective total (inclusive of independents) of 139 candidates nominated.

Of the 139 candidates, 105 are males and are 34 females.

The EOJ says it will now intensify preparations for the Special Services Voting Day which will take place on August 31.



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