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31-Year-old inmate charged for stabbing death of correctional officer in St Catherine

(The Den) A 31-year-old inmate at a correctional facility in St Catherine has been charged with murder among a slew of other offences.

Reports are that about 9:15 a.m., on November 13, Robert Thompson fatally stabbed correctional officer Jimel Westney.


32-year-old correctional officer Jimel Westney, who worked at the St. Catherine Adult Correctional Center

Westney was one of two correctional officers attending to the inmates, when Thompson allegedly used a sharp object to inflict a wound to Westney’s back.

Westney was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The makeshift object used to stab correctional officer Jimel Westney.


In addition to Murder, Thompson has been charged with Introducing Contraband in a Penal Institution and Assault at Common Law.

Thompson was charged following an interview with his attorney.

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