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Clansman gangster killed at COVID breaching party in St Catherine

One man is dead and eleven others injured following a shootout at a Friday night (October 30) party that was held in breach of the Disaster Risk Management Act.

The deceased has been identified as a top tier member of the Spanish Town- based Clansman Gang and was said to be aligned to the Tesha Miller faction of the organization.

Reports are that officers attached to the Portmore Police were on patrol in the Old Braeton area when they saw a number of vehicles parked in a churchyard on the main road and went to investigate.

Having checked the area and not detecting any noise, they proceeded on foot.

Upon approaching Browns Lane they heard explosions and saw a crowd of persons running in different directions. It was later discovered that eleven persons were shot.

Map of Brown’s Lane Central Village

The police did not fire.

Kemar Tummings, otherwise called ‘Night and Day’ was killed in the shootout, and the injured Clansman Gang member have been identified as Marcus Smith, who is wanted by the St Catherine North Police for murder.

The other victims were treated at the hospital, where three of them are said to be in serious condition.

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