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Cops say no party permits for some communities in St Elizabeth

Party promoters will not be allowed to host parties in some St Elizabeth communities after cops said they would not be granting entertainment permits in certain areas.

No permits will be approved for events in Brampton, Fyffes Pen, Spring Park, New Town, Vineyard, Slipe and Leeds.

The police justified their decision to prohibit events in some areas in a  letter to the  St. Elizabeth Municipal Corporation.

According to the police, the selected communities have been the site of several incidents, including shootings and breaches of the Disaster Risk Management Act.

The police further said no permits will be issued for certain types of entertainment events which include motorbike or car shows.

The  St. Elizabeth Municipal Corporation earlier this week began accepting applications for entertainment events involving fewer than 100 individuals.

It is reported that eight applications have been submitted by the corporation to the Ministry of Entertainment for such events in the parish.

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