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Hanna vows to stay clear of mudslinging, talks unifying PNP

Member of Parliament for South East St Ann, Lisa Hanna said that she believes she is the woman who can do the job of unifying the People’s National Party (PNP).

According to Hanna, she will leverage her party experience, especially among the leadership, and her broad support nationally and internationally to unify the PNP as she campaigns for the post of party president.

“For the past thirteen years, I have served at all levels of the Party; however, my best moments are those on the ground, organizing and working directly with comrades across the island. I have worked in every election, and as Region One’s Chairman for eight (8) years. Therefore, I can confidently say that I know what it means to give of one’s time to make sure we all win,” said Hanna.

Hanna highlighted that public opinion polls conducted suggested that perceived lack of unity was a major contributing factor to the party’s crushing electoral defeat in the September 3 elections.

The perception of division, she said, must be dispelled as the Party rebuilds, renews, and refocuses on its core principles.

“There cannot and must not be a rerun of previous divisive leadership campaigns. The public has rejected this type of politics, and we must take stock of the incredible damage it has caused to the Party and its devoted members,” added Hanna

Hanna encouraged her supporters, including those in the social media space and bloggers, as well as party members-at-large, and the wider public to stay clear of ‘below the belt’ and ‘out of bounds’ attacks and commentaries.

“When the PNP is divided, nobody wins, especially the Jamaican people. We must campaign on our merits and commit to a respectful debate based on our vision and programme of development for Jamaica and not vitriol,” said Hanna.

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