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Hanna’s team express renewed confidence following Blue Dot poll

The details of a Blue Dot poll, commissioned by presidential aspirant, Lisa Hanna, are expected to be released on November 2 but the Hanna camp is already predicting a favourable outcome.

According to the Hanna camp, the national poll is anticipated to show the South East St Ann Member of Parliament having a clear advantage over candidate Mark Golding.

The Hanna camp anticipates the poll will show Hanna ahead in three areas: favourability with the national electorate; the ability to commandeer the youth vote; and most significantly, the ability to beat Andrew Holness.

“We are not surprised but we will continue to do the work to ensure that Lisa will lead the party,” said Donna Scott-Mottley, spokesperson for the Hanna campaign.

“There’s been a lot of flash and a lot of money in the other camp, the likes of which were not present in the recent national election, but we are not distracted. Lisa is in touch with the soul of the party, that’s what counts,” added Scott-Mottley.

The Blue Dot Insights Poll, completed on October 30 2020, was not conducted among the party’s delegates who are expected to choose between Hanna and Golding in the upcoming People’s National Party presidential election on September 7.

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