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Headless bodies found on Whitehall Avenue identified as men from Maxfield

Police on Tuesday (October 20) said that they had made a breakthrough in a case in which two headless bodies were discovered in the community of Whitehall Avenue in St Andrew on Friday (October 16).

The deceased have been identified as Mark Wellington, otherwise called ‘Blackie’, of a Maxfield Avenue address and Leonardo Hendricks, otherwise called ‘Platty’, of a Kew Lane address, also in the Maxfield area.

The two bodies were found with their heads severed at a premises on Plum Lane. One of the heads has since been recovered.

Investigators believe the men were killed in connection with ongoing gang violence in a section of Maxfield Avenue called Rome.

It is believed that they were lured to the Whitehall Avenue area where they met their demise.

While the severing of victim’s heads from their bodies is not a new phenomenon in Jamaica, which witnesses over 1,000 murders each year, this incident was particularly shocking due to where the bodies were found.

The trend of beheading and publicly displaying the decapitated bodies was popularized in the late 2000s by Jamaica’s notorious Klansman gang.

Several members of the criminal organization are said to have been experts in the practice, which was a signature feature of the Klansman method of intimidation during the heights of it success.

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