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Holness announces 7 lockdown days for Jamaica amid surge in COVID-19 cases

Jamaica is to go into lockdown for a total of seven days, the no movement periods will only run for three days at a time, with the first period beginning on Sunday (August 22) to the morning of Wednesday (August 25).

Prime Minister Andrew Holness made the announcement late Thursday (August 19) at a press conference noting that the most effective way to slow transmission was to halt movement.

“Most Jamaicans would have already been mentally prepared for tougher measures, tighter measures, tighter restrictions. The government has been taking a very gradual approach, knowing the society that we have. That many persons live day to day, many persons have no savings. And you can’t disrupt plans without giving at least some notice,” began Holness as he sought to soften the blow to come in the form of new COVID-19 containment measures.

“It was decided that we have to prevent further transmission. And the most effective way of slowing down transmission is to have a complete halt at a point – to stop movement. That’s what it comes down to simply. So even though I’m going to announce a series of measures what I want you to take away from these measures, if you don’t have to move-  tan a yard, stay home,” added Holness.

What are the lockdown days?

Holness explained that while there will be seven days of no movement, this would not be a consecutive period but instead would be broken into two periods of three consecutive lockdown days each period.

“So we have established that there will be seven, no movement days. And these will be Sunday (August 22) Monday (August 23),Tuesday (August 24), Sunday (August 29),  Monday (August 30), Tuesday (August 31) And Sunday  (September 5) ” said Holness.

” So this coming Sunday, the 22nd no movement on that day,  stay home get some rest. You know,  spend ot with your family, call up your family members in the country /overseas. You know, the do some work around your yard,  find something to occupy your time on worship online,” added Holness.

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