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Holness expresses shock at the passing of Superintendent Leon Clunis

Prime Minister Andrew Holness on Tuesday (June 30) expressed shock at the passing of Superintendent Leon Clunis.

Clunis was one of four lawmen who were shot during a police operation on June 12.

Two of the officers involved in the operation died shortly after the incident.

“I am truly shocked and deeply saddened to hear about the unexpected passing of Superintendent Leon Clunis. My heart goes out to the family and friends of Superintendent Leon Clunis and the entire JCF,” said Holness on Facebook. 

“Superintendent Clunis has given outstanding service to the JCF and to the nation as a whole and we are grateful for his service,” added Holness.

Holness further shared that he had visited Clunis in the hospital on the weekend, noting that he was in high spirits.

“We laughed and spoke for a while. I personally thanked him for his service in the force. I want to assure his family and the JCF that his selfless work will not go in vain,” said Holness.

The Superintendent had been at the Kingston Public Hospital since the incident; he was said to be recovering.

Opposition spokesman on National Security, Fitz Jackson, has also expressed sadness at the passing of the lawman.

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