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Hunt on for ex-employee turned gunman who robbed store in Ocho Rios

Police in Ocho Rios are on the hunt for a man identified as Lemar Henry following an early Friday morning (September 11) robbery of a store in Content Gardens, Ocho Rios, St Ann.

Reports from the Ocho Rios Police are that about 8:12 a.m., the complainant was opening a store when she was approached by a man dressed in a hooded sweater and mask who brandished a firearm and proceeded to rob the store of JMD 6200 and a camera. The man placed the items in a black bag before leaving.

The complainant raised and alarm and citizens assisted in searching for the man.

He was later held by a citizen and recognised as Lemar Henry of Palm Hill, Exchange,who is an ex-employee of the store.

A tussle ensued between Henry and a citizen who retrieved the black bag before Henry escaped in a waiting white Nissan AD Wagon.

The police were summoned and upon their arrival the black bag was handed over. It was found to contain one Hi-Point Ruger 9mm pistol with five 9mm cartridges, a camera and $6,200 JMD.

Investigations led the police team to Exchange Main Road where the Nissan AD Wagon was intercepted with two men aboard. They were arrested and the car seized by the police. Further investigations also led to the arrest of a third suspect.

An operation was later conducted in Farm Hill, Exchange, St, Ann where a house, occupied by Henry, was searched and one 9mm cartridge and his employment identification card found in his suitcase.

Henry has not been apprehended.

The Police is appealing to anyone knowing the whereabouts of Lemar Henry to contact the Ocho Rios Police.

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