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Illegal Barbican party leaves teen on life support, mom distraught

A mother is distraught after her daughter, 17-year-old Kaylan Dowdie, was viciously beaten at a party in Barbican on Saturday (Nov 7).

Veneisha Buckley the mother of Dowdie revealed in a Facebook Live video that the women who attacked her daughter have gone into hiding.

However,Buckley said that these women would not go scot-free following the brutal attack which has left her daughter unable to breathe on her own and on a life support machine.

Buckley said that the women must be held accountable, and she will be posting their photos to ensure that the police find them.

“So they can hide all they want but them haffi gah prison for this,” said the clearly angry mother.

The mother went on to explain that her daughter and friend, Tiffany, went to a party in the area when a fight ensued .

According to Buckley, her daughter was accused of giving another female in the party a ‘bad stare’ which led to the confrontation.

Buckley said she spoke to one of the women involved in the fight who told her that the conflict didn’t originally include Dowdie.

According to Buckley, Dowdie’s friend Tiffany was the one sparring with another woman.

The mom said one of the women in the conflict told her that Dowdie joined the fight to assist her friend.

“Kaylan is a fighter but not a trouble maker, if you attack her,she will defend herself, but she will not attack you,” said Buckley.

Buckley who described her daughter as 5 ft 3 weighing approximately 125 pounds, said her daughter was knocked to the floor by another party patron using a Hennessy bottle.

“And a grown woman came up behind my child and hit her with a Hennessy bottle,”said Buckley.

“I heard that Kaylan was on the ground for nearly an hour and nobody helped her… everyone was running all round the place saying that she’s dead, ” added a very emotional Buckley.

The mother explained that she just couldn’t understand how six grown women could gang two teen girls, noting that Dowdie had only recently graduated from high school and had just started to attend the University of the West Indies. 

“They all ganged up on Tiffany and Kaylan, It was about six of them on Kaylan and Tiffany,” the mother explained.

“They beat my daughter, they kicked my daughter, they stabbed my daughter on the ground; nobody helped her,” she added as she broke down in tears.

Buckley said she was further shocked and angered to hear that even grown men were at this party, who simply chose to ignore the ordeal.

” I heard the men were,there at the party, and they stood and watched,” said Buckley whose tone changed, sounding at times frustrated and angry.

Buckley went on to explain that her daughter was a stranger to the area so she was puzzled at the people’s reaction and lack of assistance.

“Kaylan don’t know these people and a lot of the people around there said it is the first they are seeing this little girl,” said Buckley.

“Nobody don’t know her but because she’s friends with Tiffany… They know Tiffany because Tiffany is dating someone in that area and, the guy that is keeping the party is Tiffany’s boyfriend,” added Buckley.

The clearly heartbroken mother went on to explain that Dowdie’s heart stopped for six minutes after arriving at hospital, noting that as of Wednesday (November 11) she was still unresponsive, adding that doctors have told her that the teen’s skull is cracked and she also has a broken arm and may even be paralyzed.

Buckley says her heart is full and she is constantly in tears.

The Den reached out to the police about the incident who noted that they were aware of the matter and were currently still probing.

Members of the community who spoke with The Den said that following the incident the women in question, all of whom are also mothers were seen;one even walking with the Hennessy bottle said to be use in the fight.

One resident who wanted to remained anonymous said that while she can understand the mother’s pain, parents must be more responsible noting that it was not just any party but an illegal party.

” Like me feel for her but come on, I heard her live but who is going to want to come out and say certain things when you know we under curfew and party not suppose to be keeping; that’s why you aren’t seeing no videos of the incident,” the individual told The Den.

“Imagine now you out an enjoy yourself, you have no clue what going on, yes is somebody child but nobody wants to get caught up with the police, when they shouldn’t be there in the first place,” the individual said noting that they knew someone who attended the session,who fled after the teens were seen lying on the ground.

A GoFundMe page has since been setup to assist with Dowdie’s  medical expenses.

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