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I’ve got no power to exonerate says DPP on Hanna ruling

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Paula Llewellyn on Monday (July 6) sought to clarify a ruling put out by her office as it relates allegations of misconduct surrounding South East St Ann Member of Parliament, Lisa Hanna.

“The DPP or a prosecutor has no power to exonerate anyone,” explained Llewellyn.

” When we put a ruling forward, and we indicate that there is insufficient material to form the basis of a criminal charge that is not an exoneration, ” added Llewellyn who shared details as to how her ruling should be interpreted

Llewellyn further stressed that she does not recommend criminal charges in a particular instance does not mean the case is closed.

According to Llewellyn,  in some instances,  new evidence is presented and charges laid.

Hanna has been accused of cronyism following her award of contracts valued at $3 million to 12 people linked to the People’s National Party (PNP).

According to the ruling by the DPP, there was no evidence that Hanna departed from established procurement procedures or breached the criminal law.

The PNP later in a release said the DPP’s ruling, in their view, was the equivalent to “a full and complete exoneration of Ms Hanna” in the incident, further noting that the matter “should now be put to rest”.

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