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Just In: Kalina Collier sacked from post at JetBlue

Kalina Collier has been sacked from her post as a flight crew member with JetBlue airlines.

JetBlue’s Corporate Communications Manager , Derek Dombrowski, confirmed the news in a statement sent out via e-mail on Monday (February 16).

“After an investigation, the crewmember in question is no longer with JetBlue,” read a statement sent out by JetBlue airlines.

“We continue to offer our apologies for the frustration and concern this incident has caused and reiterate our confidence in the health protocols Jamaica has put in place,” added the company in the statement.

Over the weekend social media was abuzz with news that an American flight crew member had been kidnapped on the island.

The police later released information disproving the woman’s account, noting that the woman in question, Kalina Collier, had tested positive for the coronavirus, when she arrived in Jamaica and was placed in isolation, in keeping with the country’s COVID-19 prevention protocols.

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