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Listen: Not the first time dogs ‘rushed’ St. Ann boy says Pastor

A pastor from the community of St D’Acre in St Ann told The Den that Sunday’s incident in which 5-year-old Mickele Allen was attacked by dogs in the area, was not the first time the child had an aggressive encounter with the animals.

Pastor McFarlane said the this was not the first time that an alarm had been raised about the dogs in the community, noting that they were known to behave aggressively towards passers by.

“Most people have heard of them, this is not the first time the dogs rushed the boy, and other persons who would pass by,” said McFarlane.

McFarlane explained that the dogs, who appear to have no identifiable owner(s), did not all come from one yard.

“It is more than one set of dogs,” said McFarlane.

“It was about eight dogs and so one yard wouldn’t have so many dogs,” he added.

The Den understands that the child was walking to a store in the community when the incident happened.

McFarlane went on to shared that he was the individual that took the boy to the Alexandria Community Hospital.

According to McFarlane, he was made aware of the incident involving the boy and the dogs by congregants travelling in a church bus.

The pastor told The Den that originally, the persons who witnessed part of the attack had thought the child had died, noting that the boy was observed laying on the ground surrounded by eight dogs.

However, while still laying on the ground, the boy requested water.

The pastor said he rushed the boy to the community hospital where he was assisted by doctors and nurses, who prepared him for transfer, as they awaited the ambulance that was to take him to the St Ann’s Bay Hospital.

According to McFarlane, the boy’s injuries were so severe that you could see the “crown of his head”.

Subsequently, the boy was further transferred to a hospital in Kingston, where he is receiving further treatment.

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