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Man demands answers from authorities as estranged spouse arrives in Jamaica, turns up for quarantine

A man is fuming after his estranged wife arrived in Jamaica on a flight from New York last Thursday and was allowed to use his residence on her landing documents, as the place where she would be quarantined.

According to the man, he has not seen his estranged wife for over a year, but was shocked when she turned up at his house in Portmore, St Catherine after having arrived from what he referred to as one of the “epicentres” of the coronavirus outbreak.

“I don’t understand how she could come into the country and just put down my address and nobody verify,” the man told The Den, noting that the lack of proper verification protocols and monitoring put him at risk for the COVID-19 virus.

He further told The Den that his wife’s arrival sparked an argument, in which he said he was physically assaulted.

The man revealed that the argument got going about sleeping arrangements, noting that his 800 sqft home was not large enough to maintain the social distance of 6ft required.

“I was upset that she used my address on her documents into Jamaica without first notifying me that she was coming, ” said the man, who asked that his identity be withheld for fear of discrimination.

“I told her to leave because, I had nowhere to accommodate her and I did not want her there because she was putting me at risk for COVID-19, and unlike others I still have to report to work daily, so by extension she is putting my co-workers at risk as well, ” added the man.

The man said he was not only upset that she would travel to Jamaica at a time like now but that she would have come to stay with him, without first informing him of her plans to stay at his house.

“She can come Jamaica if she wants but she need to tan wid her family members,” said the man.

“She got family in the country, mek she quarantine with them! I can’t afford because of she to have no swab down my nose, or have to go to no government quarantine,” added the man who was clearly upset about the ordeal.

The man said he was further alarmed when he said he discovered that his wife had discarded the paper she received to schedule her COVID-19 test and, that she had been communicating with the neighbours without her mask.

According to the man, who shared footage of the argument with his wife, he had asked her to leave his apartment but she refused.

Throughout the video, the man can be heard telling the woman to leave, to which she responded that she is not leaving.

“I did not invite you here, you need to leave, you haffi [expletive deleted] leave” the man is heard telling the woman in the video.

” I am not leaving, first off –I can’t leave here until I am done quarantining,” responded the woman.

In a second video the man is heard telling the woman that since she refuse to leave, he would leave.

“Well, I am leaving, excuse, I need to leave,” the man is heard saying.

“Go sit down, ” the woman responds motioning to the couch, as she uses her body to barricade the door.

The man said as he tried to remove her from the door she punched and scratched him several times.

He shared photos of  his injuries he allegedly received from his estranged wife with The Den.

According to the man, he reported the matter to the police but he said that the police did not take his plight seriously.

The Den reached out to the Jamaica Customs Agency about entry protocols, an agent revealed that addresses were not generally verified and referred us to the agency’s website.

According to the agency’s  website, passengers arriving in Jamaica are required to present their passport, along with the completed Customs Declaration Form (C5) to a Customs Officer for processing.

“Each passenger arriving at the port of entry is subjected to: 1An interview relating to the purpose of your trip and personal background 2.Examination of baggage by Jamaica Customs officers to ensure border security and the protection of revenue,” read the agency’s website.


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