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More details emerge about J’can cops nabbed in US on drug charges

A fourth police officer is being questioned in connection with an incident in which three Jamaica Constabulary Force  (JCF) officers were nabbed on Wednesday (June 23)  in the United States on drug-related charges.

The fourth officer, who a source named as an officer O. Allen, returned to Jamaica from the US on Tuesday (June 23) and has been linked to the three officers  incarcerated in the US.

Since arriving on the island, Allen has been held for questioning, the source further revealed that she had not informed her superiors that she was travelling to the United States.

The source said that all four officers were involved in a drug-smuggling ring, and have identified as  Constables:  S. Gooden, D. Graham, and T. Davidson.

Two of the officers held are said to be a married couple.

The Den further understands that one of the officers was remanded at an airport in Charlotte, North Carolina after he was observed by an airport security officer acting strangely.

Two others were apprehended in Atlanta, Georgia.

The JCF confirmed the arrests of three of their members in the United States on drug-related charges.

While not sharing any details on the matter, the JCF attributed the arrests to “intelligence sharing” between the JCF and its United States counterparts.

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