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Neutral position for white lines and roadkill – Tomlinson supports Hanna’s presidential bid

Comrade Krystal Tomlinson said that the neutral position in politics is “untenable” as she endorsed Lisa Hanna for president of the People’s National Party (PNP).

Tomlinson made the statement in an Instagram post adding that the only things that belong in the middle of the road are white lines and road kill.

“A neutral position in politics is untenable as the only things that belong in the middle of the road are white lines and roadkill,” said Tomlinson.

According to Tomlinson, while both Mark Golding and Lisa Hanna have served with distinction making both suitable candidates, having analysed the matter, she believes Hanna is more fitting for the role.

“That both candidates have served with distinction makes it necessary to look further than their accolades and measure their mettle under pressure which is the real test of a strong political actor, especially when the task ahead involves the dirty work of finding, redeeming and even removing the corrosion that has stymied our Party’s healing and transformation,” said Tomlinson as she began her detailed explanation as to how she came to her decision.

“It is that point of analysis that leads me to choose Comrade Lisa Hanna as my preferred candidate for President of the PNP. I know for sure that Lisa will get the job done even under pressure,” she added

<strong>Why Hanna stands out for Tomlinson?</strong>

Tomlinson said her admiration and support for Hanna is as a result of what she witnessed with relation to her ability to deal with intense and unfavourable situations.

“Under pressure, in her seat in South East St. Ann, Lisa got the job done and secured the seat for the PNP. The debate about a margin cannot obscure the fact – the job was done,” said Tomlinson.

“Under pressure in her seat, with every reason to batten down and work exclusively in her constituency, I saw her commit time to walk with new candidates, helping to drum up support across the island where possible,” added Tomlinson.

Tomlinson further said that when it mattered most, in times of crisis, Hanna showed her strength and ability to weather the storm.

“It is easy to do good in fair weather but it takes chutzpah and grit to do it when the storms hit,” said Tomlinson.

“I’ve seen Lisa weather many storms on the personal, professional, political and parental front and at every juncture she has emerged with a tall spine, steady hand and firm voice,” added Tomlinson.


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