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Nightly curfew hours shortened, Jamaica moves to lift other COVID-19 measures

The nightly curfew has been reduced by one hour. The changes to the curfew mean that Jamaicans will now be required to be at home by 11:00 p.m. each night.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness made the announcement while speaking at the COVID-19 press briefing on Monday evening (June 29).

The latest amendment to the curfew measure remains in effect until July 31, 2020.

“So, essentially what that means is that we have increased your movement hours, reduce the curfew hours by one hour. So, instead of 10 pm curfew starts at 11 pm and this will be for the entire month of July, ” said Holness.

Holness further explained that taxis and other public passenger vehicles, both state-owned and privately operated, would be allowed an additional hour at the beginning and end of the curfew to be on the roads.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness speaking at the COVID-19 press briefing on June 28

“They will be allowed to travel home from their last passenger drop off and they would have one hour before the beginning of curfews that would be between 4 am and 5 am until July 31, 2020, to travel to their first passenger pickup, ” said Holness.

“Of course, no passenger must be transported in their vehicles during the additional one hour periods allowed for transport operators,” added Holness.

Holness also shared an update as it relates to the number of people allowed to gather in a space noting that this had increased from 10 to 20.

“Gatherings are not to exceed 20 persons and this will apply up to July 14 2020, ” added Holness.

Holness emphasized that despite the change in the number of individuals allowed to gather, social distancing should be maintained and further stressed the wearing of masks.

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