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Parliamentarians to return to Gordon House on December 1

(The Den) After forking out over $200,000 per session to utilize the  Jamaica Conference Centre (JCC), parliamentarians will be returning to the George William Gordon House for sittings come December 1.

Leader of Government Business, Ed Bartlett, made the announcement as he moved a motion to adjourn a sitting of the House of Representatives on Tuesday (November 24).

“Madam Speaker, it is not intended to do any further business today. I consequently, invite you to adjourn the house until December1 at 2pm when we will revert this time, in fact, to the William Gordon House,” said Bartlett.

Sittings of the house resumed post election at the conference centre to facilitate the observance of the COVID-19 protocols.

Bartlett had at the time said that there would be only two sittings of parliament at the conference centre noting that changes namely, a “reconfiguration” of the existing parliament building, was being made by architect Evan Williams.

The government currently spends in excess of $200,000 for each sitting of the house at the conference centre in downtown, where meetings have been held since mid-September.

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