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PM drops bombshell about MP squatting on gov’t land

There is a sitting Member of Parliament (MP) that is squatting on government land, that is according to Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

Holness made the announcement while speaking at an Area Council One meeting held at the Girl’s Guide Association in St Andrew on Sunday (July 20).

According to the PM, a sitting MP is operating a business on the land in question with taxpayers footing the bill for utilities at the establishment.

“We have come across many people in the pot who have been jumping up and shouting and criticizing our steaming kettle and they have persons there who are presently occupying government land without paying rent or any form of remedies,” said Holness.

“Who are doing business there and are not paying any light bill,” continued Holness, who does not mention the name of the MP.

Holness further said the MP in question had been asked to pay utility bills for the property but had refused the request.

The PM further said that the sitting MP had no documentation for the land yet the government has continued to foot the bill.

“So, we are going through and we are seeing many of them from the pot. So we will let them drip drip, drip, drip, drip, because we may have a little tank but they have a reservoir, said Holness at the event.

Holness said he planned to make details of the situation he brought forth at the meeting regarding the MP to the forefront in due time.

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