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Police broaden investigation into Donna Lee’s disappearance, constable refuses to give statement

Deputy Commissioner of Police Fitz Bailey has said that the investigation into the disappearance of 24-year-old Donna-Lee Donaldson has been expanded beyond that of a missing persons probe, noting that the security forces were not taking a tunnel vision approach.

Bailey made the comments on Monday (July 18) while speaking at a Jamaica Constabulary Force (JFC) press conference held to provide updates about the case of the missing 24-year-old, which has garnered significant public attention.

It was revealed at the event that the police had already processed the apartment belonging to Ms. Donaldson’s boyfriend, with whom she was last seen.

In addition, police say the car belonging to Ms. Donaldson’s boyfriend had been process, as well as, a car belonging to his child’s mother.

Police shared that while Ms.Donaldson’s boyfriend has provided a statement, his child’s mother, who is a district constable, has refused to do so.

“We will deal with that at the appropriate time. It is an investigation that is ongoing and there are method that we can deploy or we can employ to deal with that issue,” Bailey said.

“As a citizen you have a right, and a statement is voluntary- It’s voluntary but we are still doing our investigation,” added Bailey.

Bailey also shared that the police had not yet gone through the over 20 hours of CCTV footage obtained from Miss Donaldson’s boyfriend’s apartment.

Donaldson was last seen on Monday (July 11) when she left home with her boyfriend who is a policeman.

She was reported missing Wednesday (July 13) evening.

A $500,000 reward is being offered by Miss Donaldson’s family. For information on her disappearance.

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