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Police operation in Norwood turns up guns and gang members

A police operation conducted early Monday morning (July 27)  resulted in the seizure of several guns along with two men believed to be members of the infamous ‘Prekeh’ Gang and ‘Sparta Gang’. 

Reports from the police are that following police operations in the Norwood and Angie Lane communities, officers seized four firearms, which included, an M16 rifle, three pistols and 117 rounds of ammunition.

Two persons were detained in connection with the seizures.

Police theorize that the guns are linked to the G City Gang operating in the communities 

About one week prior to this morning’s operation, the Police intercepted members of the notorious ‘Sparta Gang’ and seized two Glock 34 pistols with a quantity of ammunition.

Additionally, the security forces over the past four weeks have been actively pursuing members of the ‘Prekeh’ Gang, which resulted in two of its members being fatally shot, including the gang’s reputed leader.


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