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Portland no place for criminals says superintendent after wanted man captured 

Newly installed commander for the Portland division, Deputy Superintendent of Police Throyville Haughton has sought to discourage law breakers seeking refuge in the parish following the capture of a wanted man.  

Ramone ‘Chullups’ Coke, who was featured on the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s ‘Wanted List’ in May was arrested in the parish on Monday  (July 26).

According to DSP Haughton, Coke is wanted for gun crimes the Kingston Central Division .

Coke is among six wanted persons who have been arrested in the parish in recent weeks.

 He further went on to note that half of those arrested were wanted outside of the parish, with one wanted as far away as St. Lucia.

“Historically, Portland has been viewed by some criminals as a safe haven due to the peace and tranquillity experienced in the parish; the citizens of Portland are warm and friendly and so criminal minds will try to take advantage of that to seek refuge here. But do not make the mistake of thinking you can hide here…the Portland Police will find you and escort you out,” Haughton warned.

While thanking the men and women of the Portland Division for their high level of professionalism, DSP Haughton underscored the tremendous relationship shared between the police and the residents of the parish.

“The Portland Police enjoy a very good relationship with all our local stakeholders and over the years it has been proven to be mutually beneficial,” he said. 

“I will be seeking ways to continue engaging residents in the coming days, but I want to assure them that the men and women under my command are passionate about their role as protectors… and one thing is for sure, Portland is not and will not be a safe haven for criminals,” he added.


The  below are a full list of those arrested in the parish in recent times:

  1. Ramone Coke, otherwise called ‘Chullups’, who was wanted in the Kingston Central Division for Shooting with Intent was arrested on Allan Avenue in Port Antonio, Portland on Monday, July 26.
  2. Owen Clarke, otherwise called ‘Frank’, who was wanted for Larceny of Motor Vehicle was arrested on Thursday, July 22. 
  3. Junior George, otherwise called ‘Peynado’, who was wanted for Breaches of the Road Traffic Act was arrested on Thursday, July 15 in Norwich district, Portland. 
  4. Orville Pernel, otherwise called ‘Beenie’ who was wanted for Murder in St Lucia was arrested in Buff Bay in the parish on Sunday, July 11. 
  5. Demar Davis, otherwise called ‘Demo’ who was wanted in the St. Catherine South Division for Illegal Possession of Firearm was arrested in Drapers district, Portland on Sunday, July 11. 
  6. Garfield Henry, who was wanted for Illegal Possession of Firearm and Ammunition was arrested on Sunday, June 20 in Norwich district, Portland. 


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