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Robber killed in Havendale after trailing woman from bank, believed to be an inside job

A would be robber is dead following an incident in which he tried to run off with a woman’s bag containing over $700,000 JMD on Wednesday (October 28).

The Den understands that around 10:00 a.m., the woman withdrew the sum of cash from a bank ATM on Constant Spring Road.

It is understood that upon leaving the financial institution, the woman noticed that a white motor car that had been in the bank’s parking lot had been trailing her.

Upon arrival at her home in Havendale, she reported noticing the same car.

Following the woman’s exit from the vehicle, a man pointed a firearm at her and robbed her of a leather bag containing the cash , which included a British passport among other items.

Map of Roehampton Drive, the general vicinity in which the incident occurred

The suspect then ran with the bag down the street and was intercepted by an off -duty policeman.

It is alleged that the robber pointed his firearm at the officer, who in retaliation fired at the man, hitting him in his upper body; he subsequently fell to the ground.

A second man on a motorcycle, who appears to have been working with the robber, picked up the gun and attempted to grab the bag.

While he was successful in making off with the gun, the off duty policeman fired another round, forcing the biker to flee the area.

The bag was recovered by the off-duty policeman, and other police personnel were summoned.

The man that was shot was transported to the Kingston Public Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

The man was later identified as the brother of a 36-year-old woman, of a Patrick City address, who works within the security network, that has close connections to several businesses and financial institutions.




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