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Senate in limbo, Horne commits to end of week deadline for resolution

The public will have to wait until the end of the week to find out what the fully constituted senate will look like going forward.

The news comes as several top tier members , including the leadership of the People’s National Party (PNP) met with Norman Horne at his home on Monday (December 7) to discuss the contentious matter of filling the vacant Senate seat.

In a release on the matter it was revealed that the comrade leader, Mark Golding, impressed upon Horne the urgency of the matter, and its significance to the orderly running of the Senate.

Golding seemed to suggest that while he was not averse to working with Horne, there were two options available to him with regards to the matter.

According to Golding, in the first option Horne can follow through on his previous declaration, in which he noted that he did not intend to be sworn in to the Senate, and submit his letter of resignation.

In the second option, Horne can take the Oath of Office and be sworn in as a Senator.

However, the party outlined that if he chooses to be sworn in as a Senator, Horne should provide documentation evidencing that he had renounced his US citizenship, in order to clarify his eligibility.

The party has said that Horne will indicate his decision “in due course”, and gave a commitment to speak again with the Leader of the Opposition by end of this week.

“The country therefore waits on Mr. Horne to act, so the Senate can be fully constituted,” said the party in a release.

Golding announced that Peter Bunting, was to replace Horne who had previously indicated that he did not intend to return to the senate.

Former opposition Leader Dr Peter Phillips had appointed Horne to the senate, but he had declined the role saying that he would allow the new party president to make the decision.

However Bunting’s swearing-in ceremony was halted after it was discovered Horne did not formally indicate his resignation.

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