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The family photo war: Hanna shows off pic with son

In a country where ‘baby mothers’ and ‘baby fathers’ are the order of the day, the clean cut, nuclear family is something just about everyone seems to aspire to.

Having the picture-perfect family appears almost to be a  prerequisite when running for any type of political office and it seems both People’s National Party (PNP) candidates vying for leadership understand the importance of this image.

Leadership aspirant and Member of Parliament for South East St Ann, Lisa Hanna, took to Instagram  on Monday (November 2) to showcase her family photo.

The always gorgeous Hanna shared a photo of herself alongside her son who was out and about on the campaign trail.

Hanna’s son, who is seldomly seen in her social media posts, recently made a quick appearance in what has been dubbed his dishwashing stint, giving supporters a rare glimpse into Hanna’s private life – afterall who would have known the ever flawless Hanna has woken up to dirty dishes.

However, the MP’s son, Alex, clad in campaign paraphernalia smiling next to his mom was a welcomed touch to  Hanna’s campaign.

“Nice that your son went to work with you this morning,” said one IG user.

“Alex make orange 🍊 look good. I see a future parliamentarian in him and possibly Prime Minister. How what a day that would be when mother and son in Parliament. Lisa, keep the faith God will never take you this far to leave you. Jamaica needs caring and they calling for a mother,” added another.

Hanna’s rival, Member of Parliament for South St Andrew, Mark Golding, over the weekend kicked off the family photo sharing spree, when he shared glamour shots of himself, his wife and three kids, which has been generating plenty of buzz online.

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