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Two men charged in connection with murder of accountant in Bogue Heights

Two men were charged on Wednesday (August 5) in connection with the brutal murder of 57-year-old St James accountant, Stephen McPherson in Bogue Heights, St. James.

Charged are 32-year-old Oshaine Wilson and 35-year-old operations manager, Delroy McCook, who was identified as the owner of the motor vehicle which was said to have sped away from the crime scene.

Both men are of Pitfour, St James addresses. 

McPherson was killed on July 22 after trying to assist his daughter.

Reports are that McPherson was on his way home from work when he saw men in a Toyota Vitz and Voxy motorcars accosting his daughter and pointing a firearm at her.

Realizing what was happening to his daughter, McPherson stopped to intervene and was shot in the face, reportedly by the driver of the Vitz.

McPherson drove off but crashed, having succumbed to his injuries.

The occupants of both the Voxy and Vitz then sped off.

Following extensive cross-parish investigations by dedicated detectives, on Tuesday (July 28), simultaneous targeted raids were conducted at three locations across the parishes of St James and Hanover.

The operations led to the arrest of two suspects and the recovery of the Toyota Vitz that was allegedly used in the commission of the crime.

The suspects were placed on an identification parade conducted earlier today (August 5, 2020), where they were pointed out and subsequently charged.

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