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Video: N-word triggers hostility and delays JetBlue flight in Jamaica

A JetBlue flight with service to New York from Kingston’s Norman Manley International Airport (NMIA) on Tuesday (October 20) was delayed after a argument escalated on board the cabin.

The Den understands that the argument escalated, minutes before take-off, between two passengers aboard the flight, a black woman and a white male, over incorrect seating.

It is understood that when the male arrived aboard the cabin, the overhead compartments were full, with a flight attendant noting that the man should refrain from opening the bins and proceed towards his seat.

Following the conversation between the flight attendant and the man, the man is alleged to have become enraged and began cursing.

Upon arriving at what he believed to have been his seat, he and a female passenger became embroiled in a squabble.

“This N-word is in my seat, all of you guys on this plane are n-words, you’re a n-word, you’re an n-word. And I can say the n-word anytime I want to, ” is what the man is alleged to have said to a plane full of Jamaicans.

Several passengers aboard who heard the man’s statement rushed to the assistance of the woman, at which time the flight attendant appeared and attempted to intervene.

However, several passengers aboard the flight took shots at the man as he was being escorted from the plane.

The man who rocked a Burger King paper crown was subsequently escorted off the plane by Jamaican police personnel, he is expected to leave Jamaica on a flight on Thursday.

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