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Video: Plastics blamed for blocking drains that led to flooding in St James

The National Works Agency (NWA) has said that plastic bottles are in part responsible for some of the flooding seen in sections of St. James on Heroes Day (October 19).

According to the NWA, following heavy rains late Monday two critical drains, Chelsea and Blue Diamond, were blocked due to plastic bottles and other debris which resulted in flooding in St James, particularly in the Green Pond area and the main road leading to Montego Bay.

Several videos have since surfaced online showing communities in the Green Pond area completely drenched by rain water, in addition to calf-high water rushing through the RIU hotel.

The NWA’s Communications Manager, Stephen Shaw, noted that based on the information received the flooding appeared to be a combination of debris blocking the channels and the sheer volume of rainfall.

“We did also get reports of flooding in the Green Pond area where there’s a gully there that overflows near the Farm Primary & Junior High School. And so, from the information that we received, it would appear as if flooding was a combination of debris blocking channels and the sheer volume of water that came down with heavy rains that St James would have experienced yesterday. And the drains not being in a position to handle the volume of water and debris that came down with it,” explained Shaw

Shaw went on to explain that the flooding at the hotel was likely due to the Blue Diamond drain being blocked which empties out near the hotel.

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