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Watch: Michael Sharpe gets COVID jab: ‘It protects us all’

Veteran Journalist Michael Sharpe received the first dose of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 jab on Sunday (March 14).

Sharpe was among the first to be inoculated from the media fraternity following the arrival of a batch of vaccines from India on March 8.

Sharpe shared a video of himself receiving the jab on his Facebook page.

” Got it… 15 mins ago,” said Sharpe, as he captioned the video which showed him clad in blue with glasses affixed to his shirt  receiving his jab.

The video which was heavily shared on social media platforms, caught flak as some questioned why the nurse administering the jab, did so without gloves.

“These nurses in Jamaica don’t wear gloves,” questioned one woman on Facebook.

“Happens in the US as well. It is not a “requirement” to give a shot. However as you saw in the video, the nurse must sanitize hands before and after. However “drawing” blood is gloves-required”, added another who sought to shed light on acceptable standards for administering the vaccine.

[Story updated on April 20,2020 to include the original video. Story originally contained Facebook embedded link ]

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