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Adhering to protocols not foolproof – COVID positive former beauty queen

Think adhering to all the COVID-19 protocols means you won’t get COVID-19 ?

Think again.

Former Trinidad and Tobago beauty queen said once you set foot outside you put yourself at risk.

According to Kimberly Farrah Singh, who represented Trinidad in the Miss World Pageant in 2015,she was shocked to discover that she had tested positive for COVID-19.

Singh said since the start of the pandemic she had been following all the prescribed COVID-19 protocols including always wearing a mask, regular hand washing and maintaining the social distance, yet she returned a positive test result.

“I wore a mask properly every time I was out, I practised social distancing,I sanitized/washed my hands often and I avoided touching my face—- still became Covid-19 positive,” said Singh on Facebook.

“I stayed at home only left for work, kept grocery, pharmacy and gas station runs to a minimum…still became Covid-19 positive. I have no symptoms…still Covid-19 positive,” she added.

The former beauty queen said she was prompted to get tested as she was informed that she was a “secondary contact” of a positive case.

“Now you may argue that I faltered in some way or the other, guess what none of these measures are foolproof. That’s the risk we take every time we leave our houses,” said Singh.

Singh went on to say that the people that are most dangerous in the pandemic are those that are the silent carriers- those asymptomatic individuals who are not in isolation.

“Real talk though, we should be more worried about the persons who are asymptomatic and don’t know they are, simply because they have no reason to get tested. Worry less about us, the four hundred plus persons who are home isolated,” added Singh.

To date, Trinidad and Tobago has 998 active cases of the coronavirus with the country having recorded 21 deaths.

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