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Bare bum comrade raises eyebrows on the campaign trail

From extremely sexy to scantily clad – those were the reactions to a People’s National Party (PNP) supporter who hit the campaign trail in a shocking outfit.

The supporter who was walking in the Cedar Grove division of the East Central St Catherine constituency on Tuesday (August 18) raised many eyebrows as she stepped confidently clad in a orange visor, a politically branded  t-shirt and a pair of  cut-out shorts that left nothing to the imagination while twirling a party flag in her hand.

Though at the back of a larger group, this supporter stood out among the pack , receiving  plenty of  attention from passerby drivers, some who honked their horns after seeing her.

One driver, who was so shocked by the woman’s outfit shot a quick video capturing her ensemble.

While the supporter’s outfit is not unusual because it is a popular style worn at parting events like Carnival and other dance sessions, some upon seeing the outfit thought it was not appropriate for the occasion.

The racy design which exposes the bottom, is a popular style that is retailed by several fashion outlets including the always trendy Fashion Nova, as well as, it is sold locally by Fashionenira.

Distressed and similar style garments usually retail for between $30.00 USD and $100.00 USD.

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