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Curvy Diva serving up new music and food, talks plans to start a restaurant

What’s cooking in Yanique ‘Curvy Diva’ Barrett’s kitchen?

Well she’s got both food and music in her pots as the dancehall artiste shared that she was staging another pop-up kitchen while dropping some new music.

According to Barrett, her ‘Dining with Curvy Pop Up Kitchen’ initiative will be on again come October 2 and October 3.

Barrett said that following the success of her pervious pop up kitchens, which she described as oversubscribed, she wanted to ensure that more Jamaicans got a chance to sample her taste tantalizing food.

“During the summer the Dining with Curvy pop up kitchen was so oversubscribed that there are persons who wanted to get the experience and never got the chance. This time around we will be doing deliveries on two days, Friday and Saturday so we are able to take in more orders,” Barrett said.

“We are looking at opening a restaurant soon but for now we will be continuing our pop up kitchen experience at least once a month and launching the Catering party so it could be a date night, anniversary or someone’s birthday we can cater for your group as well,” Barrett added.

Previous staging’s of Barrett’s pop up kitchen initiative was well received by fellow celebs including Jodi Jinx Henriques, The fix hosts – Naro and Ari and social media personality Quite Perry.

The artiste also shared that she is still recording music and preparing to release her 7 track project called ‘Underestimated’.

The EP is set for official release on November 25, her late mother’s birthday.

Barrett lost her mother to heart complications a little over a year ago.

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