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Icing made gun on Masicka’s birthday cake sparks controversy

Dancehall artiste Masicka turned 27-years-old on Friday (December 4) but his birthday festivities were not without controversy.

The now 27-year-old deejay has been catching major flak for his birthday cake, which showcases a icing made gun, which many social media users say is just distasteful.

Masicka’s birthday cake, while displaying the superb capabilities of the cake decorator who was able to craft a crown, a Hennessey flask, and even wads of cash out of a sugary glaze, was described as glorifying violence.

Many who re-shared photos of the dessert item noted that the icing made gun should not have been displayed on the cake.

“These are the reasons why crime can’t done inna Jamaica, now pickney see this cake and think a something good,” said one social media user, who denounced the display of the gun on the cake.

Another user noted that Masicka may not have bought the cake, suggesting that it might have been his girlfriend, who the user slammed as a “top tier kerosene” making reference to the term coined by a YouTuber known only as Sir P, who produces the content for the Politricks Watch page.

“Top tier kerosene cake this enuh,” said one Facebook user who shared a photo of the cake.

“Look how them a glorify the gun and see what a gwan inna Jamaica, where people a dead everyday, but me a kibba mi mouth with me likkle bit of money,” added another.

Masicka’s birthday cake has reinvigorated the debate about dancehall music and the pervasiveness of violence and crime in Jamaican society.

Masicka is known for his hardcore gun lyrics which features prominently in many of his hits including his latest “I Wish” which premiered on YouTube on November 14.




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