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Eek-A-Mouse comes to Jah Cure’s defence following stabbing incident in Amsterdam

Jamaican reggae artiste Eek-A-Mouse came to the defence of entertainer Jah Cure following a stabbing incident in Amsterdam earlier this month.

Reports are that Jah Cure allegedly stabbed a promoter known as ‘Papa’ while on tour.

According to Eek-A-Mouse, ‘Papa’, whose real name is Nicardo Blake, is a very problematic individual.

Eek-A-Mouse who claims to have worked with Blake in the past shared that he was notorious for not paying entertainers.

The 63-year-old artiste, shared in a YouTube video on October 6 that it was likely that the incident stemmed from the promoters refusal to pay Jah Cure.

“All you gotta do is pay Jah Cure his [ expletive deleted]  money, you work the [expletive deleted]  and you don’t want to pay,” Eek -A- Mouse said,  as he sought to provide insights into the matter.

“Jah Cure piss too because Jah Cure didn’t get any food fi eat, and a hungry man is an angry man,” he added.

Eek-A-Mouse, whose real name is Ripton Joseph Hylton, lay blame for the incident at the promoter’s feet.

“Papa we love you, but you [expletive deleted] up,” the singer said.

He also said that it wasn’t the first time Blake had got himself involved in such a predicament.

Photo of Nicardo ‘Papa’ Blake





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