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I Octane fires back after name mentioned at Clansman Trial

A former don testified in the Clansman trial on Tuesday (November 2) that he an reputed leader Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan frequented a studio owned by dancehall artiste, I Octane.

The former don made the revelation as he sought to explain how he met the alleged members of the Clansman Gang, noting that he met Fabian Johnson between 2013 and 2014.

According to the don, turned witness, he, Bryan and Johnson frequently visited I Octane’s studio.

While not entirely denying the allegations, I Octane sought to fight against the label that he was a “criminal”.

He also sought to refute allegations that he was accompanied to the studio by members of the gang.

“After reading this and see what they say about me. How am I a criminal, ” questioned  I Octane below an article about the trial.

“Mi bus from mi a 16/17 – over 15 or more years now and mi voice for so many GHETTO LABELS…. Buss nuff ghetto yutes who a produce music from di ghetto and never involve or mention in any criminal activities, so why now,” he added.

According to I Octane,  his daughter most often accompanies him to the studio and he would never get do anything in her presence that could be considered criminal.

I Octane went on to say that irrespective of his associations he was no criminal, noting that it was just the nature of the music business.

To make his point, the entertainer said that he had voiced dubs for both sides of the political aisle ,as well as, had  performed at venues for lawmen.

“When it is election time, I sing dubs for politician on both sides. That don’t mean me into politics,” he said as he sought to make his point.

Born Byiome Muir, I Octane, rose to fame in 2007 with the roots reggae track “Stab Vampire”.

He in 2009 released “Mama You Alone” and “Lose A Friend” which topped local charts.





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