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Miss Kitty bounces back from COVID-19: “I am so grateful to be alive, to be COVID-free”

Media personality and attorney-at-law Khadine ‘Miss Kitty’ Hylton says that she has recovered from COVID-19.

Miss Kitty made the revelation on Monday (September 13) on her radio show ‘Miss Kitty Live’.

“I am so grateful to be alive, to be COVID-free. To be able to say that today, it is an amazing feeling that I don’t have enough superlatives to properly articulate how grateful I am for that,” she said.

Back in August Kitty revealed on her Instagram page that she was recovering from an illness, however, she held back on sharing details about the illness.

As you would expect, social media users began speculating, with most saying they thought she had tested positive for COVID-19.

Kitty on Monday shared with her listeners that she did in fact test positive for COVID-19 and had been in quarantine recovering for the past three weeks.

“Three weeks ago, I didn’t know that today, would look like today. I didn’t know that today would feel like today because when you are in the abyss, when you are in the hole, when you are in the land of the forgotten, when you are knocking at death’s door, you can’t even see from yuh yeye to yuh nose bridge, much less three and four weeks away,” she explained.

A vigilant Kitty said after experiencing mild symptoms of the virus, she immediately got tested for COVID-19.

Though the test initially came back negative she took all the necessary precautions, since all her symptoms were pointing to COVID-19.

“I started to quarantine out of an abundance of caution,” she said.

She did get a second test which came back positive.

Miss Kitty’s road to recovery 

The vivacious Kitty then used the occasion to share her experience about her recovery which she described as “pure horror”.

“It is the most horrifying experience I’ve had in my life,” she recalled.

Kitty shared that her mother, who is a nurse,  offered to take care of her.

She noted that her  mom was very proactive in nursing her back to health, adding that she was not hospitalized.

Miss Kitty also said that during the ordeal, she found comfort and purpose in prayer.

“Let me tell yuh, if you never prayed in your life, or if you don’t know how to pray, yuh better get weh yuh have to get with it, it was so bad, it was so so bad, and so to everyone who prayed, thank you. Because there is a point where it’s not even about the medication anymore, it’s about the spiritual,” she said while breaking down into tears,” she added.

“So much death and despair is around you, and the people that are dying they have the same thing that you have and so not only is it physically, psychologically, spiritually stressful, it is also mentally stressful. It is the most horrifying experience I’ve had in my life,” she said. When your mental fortitude is tested, let me tell you, it is the worst feeling when old house tumble down,” a frightened Kitty continued.

She told her listeners that COVID-19 is very real and that it was the most aggressive illness she has ever crossed paths with.

“My soul left my body, it attacked my soul. It was so debilitating, you feel like a fraction of yourself. The drips had to come in play. I was keeping down nothing, holding nothing down, and as far as I’m concerned I think it also attacked my gastrointestinal tract. It was so painful, the nights were so long and dreadful because mentally you are thinking to yourself; ‘Lord Jesus, a wonder if mi lungs aguh collapse,” she added.

The radio show host went on to encourage her listeners to take heed when it comes to the virus and expressed her gratitude and happiness to be back at work.

“It is an amazing feeling that I don’t have enough superlatives to properly articulate how grateful I am,” she said.

Despite recounting her horrific ordeal, the radio host decline to share her vaccination status.

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