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Queenie’s daughter dies, Influencer says she returned to England in time to hear her last words

Popular social media influencer Queenie said that she made it back to England just in time to hear her daughter’s last words.

Queenie on Wednesday (October 6) announced that her daughter Rochelle had passed away.

According to Queenie, her daughter passed away at home in her bed.

Queenie shared with her following her daughter’s last words, adding that it was incredibly painful for a mother to lose a child.

“Mom, I am sorry,” were Rochelle’s last words.

However, Queenie noted that her daughter who she affectionately called ” Rush” had nothing to be sorry about as she was baptized and she is sure she has transitioned to heaven.

At the time of her passing Rochelle was 33-years-old. It is understood that she had been battling cancer.

Rochelle was Queenie’s first born child.


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