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Remembering mom continues to hurt says Shenseea

In reflecting on her mother’s passing, dancehall artiste Shenseea has said that she still continues to grapple with the emotions of pain and hurt.

Shenseea’s mother, Castilyn Eleanor Williams, passed away in June 2020 after having suffered a mild stroke then had a fatal heart attack.

Speaking on the fourth anniversary of Williams’ passing, Shenseea revealed that she can’t escape the profound sense of loss that she still continues to feel, describing it as akin to a ‘burning’ sensation.

“I try to run but I can’t escape .. yet still I can’t face it. Inside me burns every time I think of you. I hate this feeling… the vulnerability, sadness, pain, the heaviness of never being able to see, hug, or hear the voice and laugh of someone who was always so energetic… the loss,” said Shenseea on Instagram.

“I try to forget because what she’s does it make when you’re never coming back?? Remembering you hurts. I love and miss you so much Mom,” she added.

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