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Alkaline talks new album ahead of upcoming concert in Florida

Fans of dancehall artiste Alkaline are encouraged to get familiar with his new music ahead of his February 20 performance in Tampa, Florida.

Alkaline is expected to release his sophomore, 14-track album entitled, “Top Prize” during the early weeks of Spring 2021.

Alkaline, who is an independent artiste, notes that his upcoming album will showcase his mastery of the field in a time when innovation seems to be low.

“This album is timely as with my experiences, the lessons learned and growth overtime, it is only fair that I bring everything full circle,” Alkaline said.

” All the Detta fans who have been a part of the movement from day one will appreciate it and even those who have just come to realize the fact will enjoy it… It bad! Lol” he added.

Alkaline explained that his focus has not only been on writing new music but on venturing into the space of producing merchandise to complete the fan experience.

“Alkaline offers various merch options to fans through his online retail store and he will be performing in Tampa Florida on February 20th. We encourage fans to purchase/stream the lead single ‘Top Prize’ as we gear up for the album whilst checking out the variety of options from masks to t-shirts as they prepare to attend the concert” said Rickardo Shuzzr, Alkaline’s publicist.

The artiste’s latest single off which bears the same name as the upcoming album, is currently available on all digital streaming platforms.

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