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Charly Black says he’s not opposed to taking the COVID-19 vaccine

Dancehall artiste Charly Black has said that he is not opposed to taking the COVID-19 vaccine, particularly if it is necessary for international travel.

The “Party Animal” hit-maker, who is currently promoting his “So Many Reasons” EP,  shared with The Den, that he recently had a conversation with his manager about the vaccine.

“I mean if I  have to travel enuh, cause literally we have places to go so, if it is a situation where we have to do what we have to do, ” said the dancehall entertainer.

“Actually this morning my manager, Julian Griffiths, and I were talking about the same thing the entire vaccination and stuff. We are not finalizing on it as yet but it’s something that is more of a yes than a no,” he added.

How has Charley Black been managing during the pandemic?

According to Black, the pandemic has been difficult both on his career and on his private life.

Blacks shared that the pandemic has limited his ability to promote his music, noting that his fan base is primarily outside of the Caribbean and lockdowns and travel restrictions has meant that the personal touch necessary to keep fans amped -up has been missing.

“Personally, it affected my ability to promote music. Because when I tour and I sing a song the people them they literally go on their phone and go Google the song right at the concert so it put a damper on my music because you know I have a bigger fan base overseas than in the Caribbean. So it has been rough,” Black said

Black notes that he has been able to stay financially afloat through streaming and monthly royalty cheques.

On the personal front  Black told The Den  he has been using the downtime during the pandemic to connect with relatives and  spend time with his children.

” And I am not a person to stay  in one place so it is kind of like disturbing but then again I try to just read and write more and just watch movies. I go to rivers and I  spend time with my kids and look for my grandparents and my relatives who I have not seen in a long while,” said Black.

” Sometimes I even just read my bible,” added Black.

Black dropped his latest body of work,  “So Many Reasons” EP, on February 26, and revealed that he also has an album coming out before the end of the year.


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