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Ishawna gets first dose of COVID-19 jab

Ishawna is one of the first Jamaican dancehall musicians to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

The artiste made the disclosure on Monday (January 18) showing off her vaccination record in a boomerang style post in her Instagram (IG) story.

“Please keep this record card, which includes medical information about the vaccine that you have received,” reads the slip of paper shown in the post, which also displays Ishawna’s full name.

The United States has approved two vaccines for use, however,  it is unclear which of the approved shots the entertainer has received.

Ishawna is one of the few local entertainers that has shown support for  the COVID-19 vaccines currently on the market, with most Jamaican artistes having expressed uncertainty about the inoculation process touted as the only way to bring an end to the pandemic.

Reggae artist, Tony Rebel, has publicly declared that he will not be taking the  vaccine, citing concerns about the speed with which it was manufactured.

While others have said they will be doing further research before getting the shot, noting with concern the recent deaths in Norway linked to side effects of the vaccine





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