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Spice admits ‘Black Hypocrisy’ was a flop, confirms she’s in a relationship

Dancehall diva Spice on Tuesday(July 6) admitted that her song “Black Hypocrisy” didn’t perform as well as she would have liked on the international market.

The dancehall diva attributed the lukewarm reception to the subject matter discussed in the song.

“Whoa, that’s a hard one. Ahmm underrated…nobody never ask me that yet Jodi, a weh you get dem questions yah,” asked Spice as she responded to a question posed by Jodi Jinx about her most underrated song.

“I could say maybe Black Hypocrisy could have done better on a global scale. I feel like even though I felt like the message was so globally received, the song itself could have been a bit bigger,” Spice said as she finally answered the question after thinking for a minute or two.

The dancehall diva who was a guest on Jodi Jinx’s Instagram Live also shared that rocking blue hair was her favourite look, jokingly adding that it wasn’t just the hair on her head that was blue.

“I’m the only human alive that was born in blue hair… I was the only baby that was born on August 6 with blue hair,” said Spice.

“That leads to another question now. Anywhere else have blue hair,” quizzed Jodi.

“Likkle bit down there,” responds Spice erupting into laughter.

Jodi’s sister, Traci Stewart, also had an opportunity to take a stab at quizzing Spice.

Keeping it light, Traci asked Spice about how she balanced motherhood, work and entrepreneurship , particularly enquiring about what she did to relax.

Spice responded noting that she rarely relaxed and in doing so confirmed that she was in a relationship; an eye-popper for some who thought the diva had called it quits with boyfriend J Budd.

“You know, I started crying the other day, like real tears because of how tired I was. I don’t relax. I never…I don’t….I hardly relax. So, you know, even when I don’t have something to do, I find something to do,” Spice said.

“I’m in a relationship right now. And sometimes he would say, “Lawd Jesus, put down the phone’ But it is like me just so eager to keep rising and keep you know, going up. I just, I’m just addicted to working, ” she added.

Spice also shared with Jinx, who was decked out in Graci Noir for the interview complete with a fan with Spice’s image, the reason she decided to name her album ” Ten”.

According to the ‘Go Down Deh’ hit maker ten marks the number of years she had been signed with VP records before they relationship bore fruit in the form of an album.

Spice’s album ” Ten” is to be released on July 30.

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