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Tanya Stephens fires back after again being dragged about wig on IG

Tanya Stephens’ fans seem hell bent on getting the artiste to change her wig but- news flash- it is not happening!

The veteran dancehall act took to Instagram on Tuesday (November 17) to share how she was getting herself prepared for the upcoming Sunsplash event, giving fans an inside peek in to the work that she puts into her craft.

“Rehearsal for Sunsplash,”Stephens captioned the hour and thirty minute long video posted to the platform.

However, almost immediately as Stephens posted her video, one Instagram user got in the comment section begging her to get a new wig .

“Please go get a new wig,” said the Instagram user who uses the handle cuddles02.

However, Stephens was in no mood for the naysayers, as she too rolled up her sleeves to type up a few hurtful words of her own, making sure to include the usual Jamaican slangs and bad words that are known to win fights.

“@cuddles02_ go labbajuice yuh mumma and come offa mi bloodc$$$***IG,” responded Stephens.

However, a clearly unashamed cuddles, returned to the comment section to say, ” The truth hurts”.

Most fans in the comment section, seemed to be on Stephens’ side noting that the woman’s comments were hurtful and unnecessary.

Ironically, Stephens in the video hinted at the fact that she suspected that someone was going to drag her for her wig.

“Yow, oh my God, a now unno ago rush me fi the wig,it pull up eeh” said Stephens at the beginning of the video.

This is not the first time Stephens’ wig has been the subject of discussion, earlier this year the controversial artiste in a post told fans to stop telling her about her wigs and offering to do her makeup, noting that she was embracing a new phase in her life.

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