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Watch: US media slam Shenseea for super-spreader concert

What does dancehall artiste Shenseea and US President Donald Trump have in common?

Shenseea has drawn the ire of US media outlets who described her Saturday (November 14) concert in Wynwood, Florida as a Trump-style super-spreader event.

According to reports from ABC-affiliated Local 10 News, Shenseea’s outdoor concert drew a massive crowd, with the artiste’s fans showing scant regard for the COVID-19 social distancing protocol; and  some attendees even turning-up without masks.

Shenseea shared footage from the concert in Florida on her Instagram page.

The dancehall artiste, who performed a set in excess of 45 minutes, failed to reinforce to her fans the importance of adhering to the protocols aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19.

“Hundreds of people were packed in side by side Saturday night at an outdoor concert in Wynwood. All to see Jamaican dancehall artist Shenseea performing,” said a reporter from Local 10 News.

The reporter went on to add that the obvious lack of adherence to COVID-19 social distancing protocols at Shenseea’s event was an “example” of why experts believe that South Florida was moving toward a “unsettling peak in coronavirus cases”

The state of Florida which has close to 100,000 cases of coronavirus, recommends but does not require face coverings for the general public.

An executive order by Governor Ron DeSantis on September 25 restricts local governments from implementing penalties or fines for noncompliance with the recommendation.

Back in September 2020, singer Dexta Daps also received bad press in the US when the artiste played at two concerts one in Brooklyn the other in New Jersey, similarly showing no regard for COVID-19 recommended protocols.

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